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How to Bypass Unit

Depending on the age of your unit the processes may vary in regards to bypassing your system.
**Always bypass your system whenever you have work performed on your well.
3-valve bypass
1.    Turn both valves clockwise (one on left and one on right) or closed
2.    Turn valve (center) counter clockwise (open)
3.    This will turn water off to and from the unit while still providing water to the house.

Push/Pull Bypass  -  Brass (with lettering towards you)
1.  On right side push the rod to the left
(there is a sticker on the knobs)

Push/Pull Bypass – Kinetico Black Plastic
1.    If plumbing is coming from the top to the bypass, push the right side knob to the left until you see the red tape on the rod.
2.    If plumbing is coming from the bottom to the bypass, push the left side knob to the right until you see the red tape on the rod.

Kinetico Bypass
1.    There is a viewable window on right side of disc to indicate position.
2.    Turn handle to:
  • Green-soft water
  • Yellow-bypass
  • Red- no water

DynaPro Bypass  (black plastic)
1.    Turn both red knobs on bypass clockwise.

5600 Bypass  (brass or chrome)
1.    Turn the handle form service to bypass