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Call Us Today!
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Oxley Softwater Co. offers commercial and industrial water treatment systems.
Oxley Softwater Co. offers commercial and industrial water treatment systems.  Many services and manufacturing companies rely on quality water as part of their daily needs.  From serving a fresh cup of coffee, doing the wash, to high purity manufacturing requirements, water quality will make a difference.


Statewide Commercial/Industrial Equipment Service
  • Kinetico Factory Support
  • Engineering-Consulting Service
  • Complete Installation
  • Factory Warranty Service


  • Commercial/Industrial Mixed-Bed Portable Service Exchange Systems
  • WTP Automatic D.I. Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • WTP Commercial R.O. Systems
  • WTP Industrial R.O. Systems
  • TFC Membranes
  • 75-7200 GPD
  • 14400-39600 GPD
  • 2”/2.5”/4”
Commercial/Industrial Water Softening Systems
  • Our Specs or Your Specs. Custom Designs
  • Non-Electric, Twin Tank, Metered Demand Operated & Countercurrent Regeneration
  • Single Tank or Multi-Tank Systems, Alternating or Interlock
Commercial/Industrial Filtration Systems
  • Our Specs or Your Specs. Custom Designs
  • Carbon Filtration
  • Iron Filtration (Multi-Media & Greensand)
Commercial/Industrial Purification Systems
  • Ultraviolet Systems
  • Chlorination Systems
Cartridge Filters
  • 100 Micron to 1 Micron Filters  10” & 20”
  • Sub-Micron Filters to 0.001 Absolute
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • D.I. Cartridges
  • Polyphosphate
  • Resin Cleaners
  • Soda Ash
  • Chlorine Iodine
  • Potassium
  • Permanganate
  • Cation Resin
  • Activated Carbon
  • Filter Ag
  • Anthracite
  • Calcite
  • Anion Resin
  • Manganese Greensand
  • Filter Sand
  • Birm
  • KDF-55 & KDF-85
  • Sale
  • Rentals
  • Leasing Options
  • Service/Maintenance Agreements
  • Bulk Salt Delivery
  • Bottled Water Delivery

Contact Oxley Softwater Co. for more information.  We will help you determine what type of water system is best for you.

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